Navigating the Waste Maze: A Guide to Canmore's Garbage, Recycling, and Compost Collection

Hey Canmore neighbors! Let's talk trash—literally! Living in the mountains is a dream, but managing our waste can sometimes feel like navigating a maze. Fear not, for today we're diving into the world of municipal garbage, recycling, and compost collection in our beloved town, along with some cool tidbits about the Large Item Pick-Up program and the Boulder Crescent Recycling Depot.

Sorting Out the Basics: Garbage, Recycling, and Compost Collection

Canmore takes its waste management seriously, and for good reason. We all want to keep our little slice of mountain paradise pristine - not to mention, a fed bear is a dead bear! The town operates a comprehensive system for garbage, recycling, and compost collection. It's all about separating the goods to ensure they get the proper treatment they deserve.

First and foremost, there is no such thing as curb-side pick-up.  Which means you never have to worry about forgetting to put your bins out the night before!  Instead, bear-proof garbage, recycling (paper, glass & metals) and compost bins are strategically placed throughout residential neighbourhoods and you just walk (or drive ;)) your full bags or bins whenever they fill up. This ensures both convenience for residents and mitigates the risk of attracting wildlife where it’s not safe for them to be.  There is a larger recycling center between SaveOn Foods & Canadian Tire too - here you will also find donation bins for lightly used clothing and household items.  If those daily Amazon deliveries are adding up and you’re going to overload your neighbourhood bin, please consider driving it down to the larger bins which are also emptied more frequently #neighbourly.

Large Item Pick-Up Program: Out with the Old!

Got an old couch that's seen better days or a mattress that's begging to be replaced? Say hello to Canmore's Large Item Pick-Up program! It's the perfect solution for those bulky items that just won't fit in your regular bins. You simply need to fill out the form on their website to schedule the large item pick up service. It's like a mini furniture rescue mission right at your doorstep! And better yet, it’s FREE once a year! (Learn from my mistake: Mattress collection is only on Mondays so book early for mattress pick up).

Boulder Crescent Recycling Depot: Where Recycling Gets Serious

Now, let's talk about the hidden gem of waste management in Canmore—the Boulder Crescent Recycling Depot. This place is a recycling enthusiast's paradise!  Need to drop off more than your standard recyclables?  They accept items like electronics, household hazardous waste, bike tires, car batteries, used oil & antifreeze and more. It's a one-stop-shop for all things recycling!

Pro tip: Before heading over, check out the guidelines on the town's website to ensure you're bringing in the right stuff. Let's keep it green, folks!

Canmore Bottle Depot: A Little Extra Change in Your Pocket

Just up the road from the Boulder Crescent Recycling Centre is the Canmore Bottle Depot.   In Alberta, eligible drink containers take a refundable deposit whenever you purchase one and you need to take the empty bottles/cans to a bottle depot to get the deposit back.  The Canmore Bottle Depot ensures a seamless process for residents eager to redeem their refundables.  So, the next time you finish that refreshing drink and they start piling up, check out the Canmore Bottle Depot to make your contribution to a greener community while enjoying the added perk of a refundable return. Cheers to recycling made easy!  Open 9:30am-4:30am Tuesday-Saturday.

So, there you have it, Canmore pals! Managing our waste doesn't have to be a headache, even if we do it a little different than you’re probably used to to keep our wildlife safe. With the town's efficient garbage, recycling, and compost collection system, coupled with the awesome initiatives like the Large Item Pick-Up program and the Boulder Crescent Recycling Depot, we can all do our part in keeping our mountain haven clean and green. Happy recycling!


Selling Summits vs. Selling Sunset:  Real Estate IRL vs. What You Binged on Netflix Last Night

The world of real estate has always fascinated us, capturing our imaginations and dreams. With the rise of reality TV shows like "Selling Sunset," we're given a glimpse into the glamorous and drama-filled world of selling high-end properties in Los Angeles. But when it comes to real estate in Canmore, Alberta, the reality is quite different. In this blog post, we'll explore the hopefully obvious disparities between selling real estate in Canmore and the extravagant portrayal seen on "Selling Sunset.

Fashion Styles:  In the glamorous world of "Selling Sunset," fashion takes center stage with high-end designer labels, chic dresses, and tailored suits that match the luxurious properties showcased on the show. However, in Canmore, the fashion scene embodies a unique "mountain professional" vibe. We embrace a practical yet stylish approach, where comfort meets outdoor-inspired fashion. Locals can be seen sporting their "Patagucci" gear, a playful blend of outdoor brands and fashion flair, as they navigate the breathtaking landscapes and engage in the real estate market. It's a fashion style that reflects our appreciation for the natural beauty of the mountains while maintaining a professional appearance.  Did I just come from a listing appointment or hit Horseshoe on my way to the office? And does it really matter?!  So, leave the stilettos behind and opt for Blundstones in the winter or Birkenstocks in the summer as you embrace the Canmore real estate scene.

Market Dynamics and Pricing:  While "Selling Sunset" showcases multi-million dollar properties with jaw-dropping price tags, Canmore's real estate market takes a more down-to-earth approach. Our market dynamics are influenced by factors like local economy, demand, and price. Don't expect extravagant mansions on every street corner; instead, we offer a balance of stunning properties at various price points and regardless of your budget, we’re all here to enjoy the same beautiful backyard that spans the entire Bow Valley.

Clientele and Property Types:  "Selling Sunset" may focus on the rich and famous, but in Canmore, we cater to a diverse range of clients - admittedly this does include celebs from time to time. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer, a family looking for a mountain retreat, or an investor seeking a rental property, we've got you covered. Our local real estate agents embrace versatility and work tirelessly to find the perfect property that suits your unique needs.

Negotiations and Timeframes:  In the world of "Selling Sunset," negotiations seem effortless, with deals closing in a flash. But in Canmore, we believe in taking our time and ensuring every aspect of the transaction is thoroughly examined. Negotiations can be a delicate dance, and closing a deal may take weeks or even months. We're not afraid to put in the time and effort to get the best outcome for our clients. After all, good things come to those who wait (and negotiate).  Not to mention here in CANADA, we are regulated by CANADIAN real estate rules & regulations.  If you would like to learn more about how we do real estate in Canada and Alberta specifically, please feel free to reach out and I can explain the process from start to finish but what you see on “Selling Sunset” does not mean you understand how to buy a house. Once again for those in the back, binging a Netflix show does not earn you a real estate license.

Marketing and Promotion:  While "Selling Sunset" dazzles us with luxury staging and extravagant open houses, Canmore's real estate marketing takes a more practical and cost-conscious approach. We know that a well-crafted listing with professional photos and compelling descriptions can do wonders. We rely on our witty writing skills and online platforms to attract potential buyers, keeping our marketing efforts effective without breaking the bank.  That being said Canmore does have a healthy luxury market which does require a bit more of the glitz and glam to properly showcase your property to the right buyers so make sure you interview local agents with an effective marketing strategy for your specific segment of the market (like Me!).

Professional Dynamics and Drama:  Ah, the drama on "Selling Sunset" is riveting, with personal conflicts and shocking revelations aplenty. But in Canmore, we keep it light-hearted and professional. Our team thrives on cooperation and collaboration, ensuring our clients' satisfaction without the need for a Hollywood-style feud. Drama is reserved for our favorite reality TV shows, not real estate transactions. We prioritize teamwork and a shared goal of delivering exceptional service, leaving the tabloid-worthy tales behind.

Boundaries:  In the fantastical world of "Selling Sunset," agents seem to blur the line between professional and personal, lounging in beds, swimming in pools, and hosting wild parties. But let's be real, in Canmore we understand the importance of discretion and respect your privacy. You won't find us cannonballing into your pool, filming TikToks on your stripper pole or spilling the tea while lounging on your bed. We're here to provide outstanding service, not turn your property into a comedy stage. Our priority is showcasing your property, not ourselves..

Selling real estate in Canmore is a unique adventure, far from the glitz of "Selling Sunset." We bring a down-to-earth approach and a dash of humor, focusing on fair pricing, diverse clients, patient negotiations, and smart marketing. But it's not just about the properties; we also embrace the irresistible mountain town lifestyle. As a Realtor, I walk the walk and live the mountain life, because how can I talk the talk if I don't live it? Together, we'll navigate the Canmore real estate journey with a smile.

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